Milk Mushrooms | Piggie Candylover

Milk Mushrooms

Piggie Candylover

Device: Android, web-browser
Developer: Milk Mushrooms
Date of release: 18.09.2014

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Help cheerful Icelandic Piggy Candylover catch all the wonderful candies which are falling from the sky! But be careful - not only candies can get into her mouth. The game for children and elderlies. The game of generations. The game that softens even the toughest hearts. Open your soul for Piggy - and you will never regret it!


* Charming adorable Icelandic Piggie Candylover
* Iceland
* Candies
* Chocolate
* Ice Cream
* Cookies
* Muffins

The purpose of the game: Eat as many sweets and as little trash as possible. Hurry up - you have only little bit over a minute!