Milk Mushrooms | Snail Racing

Milk Mushrooms

Snail Racing

Device: web-browser
Developer: Milk Mushrooms
Date of release: 22.09.2014

Cool snails, big money, luxury chicks. Take a chance and become a winner of the world most popular race - snail race.

Now you are going to compete with human, which excites and makes one tremble! Snail Racing is ideal for parties and family dinners. It is the game which you can play with a girl and get her as a prize. The game which helps resolve any argument without any fight and blood. The game that conquered millions of hearts.

The purpose of the game: Cross the finish line first.

How to: Press and release and press again with a speed of light. The first player - Caps Lock, the second player - Enter.


* High speed
* Cool snails in helmets
* Neon lights
* Fancy spoilers
* Cool vinyl
* Roar of the engines
* Crowds of fans
* Cheats -- just hit your opponent and win a couple of seconds