Milk Mushrooms | Animal Tram

Milk Mushrooms

Animal Tram

Device: web-browser
Developer: Milk Mushrooms
Date of release: 25.11.2014

Tired of everyday bustle? Wanna relax and have fun? This game is for you! It is time to put a tramdriver's suite on and go to work! Poor animals are waiting on the stop. Go!

It is the most realistic tram simulator. Your purpose is to drive the forest inhabitants from the stop to the stop. No shooting. No racing. No logical exercises. Driving. From the stop to the stop. Again and again. Further and further. Indefinitely.

How to: RIGHT button to move forward on rails. SPACE - open/close the doors. R - to change the radiostation. Tired? Press "TIRED"! Don't drive past the stops and don't move while doors are opened.


* Yellow tram
* Cute animals wearing suits
* Ability to play indefinitely
* Relaxing music